Capturing, collecting, and sharing your high school experience ...

    Bonideé Photography & Design is committed to helping students and parents capture and collect memories of the high school experience—from your freshman yearbook portrait to the ball fields and courts, dances and proms, senior portraits, and the graduation hat toss that says .. “you made it!”

Fall Yearbook and Senior Portraits ...

    We can provide your yearbook portraits—students are encouraged to take a photo for publication in the yearbook. These photos are also used on the student ID cards are available for purchase by students and parents.

IMAGE CLUB ... Sports Portraits , Action, and Art

    We spend hundreds of hours capturing memories that athletes and their parents can cherish for a lifetime. Image Club members receive the benefit of that time by having their own private gallery of images featuring their efforts on the field as well as interaction with team members and coaches before, during and after games.
    The downloadable gallery will include all action images taken of your athlete. Members receive a team photo, 8x10 individual team portraits taken on the team’s photo day. Coaches and parent helpers can email us or call 1-800-276-3371 to arrange a team photo day.

Sports Posters, Plaques, & Vinyl Banners ...

    For those who want to turn their Game Day Action moments into custom-designed art, we offer 16x20 and 20x10 posters and 10x13 custom prints. Posters make great gifts for Senior Nights and Sports Banquets. We also can create custom (5x7 and 8x10) real wood plaques which make quality awards at sports banquets. If you need senior banner (size 2x4 or 3x5 foot recommended) we can produce it with a full color portrait of your senior or favorite athlete enhance with background graphics. The Banners come ready-to-hang with placement of grommets in each corner.

Sports League

    Sports memories start early. Whether it is T-Ball or Biddy Basketball or junior high and high school summer soccer or baseball leagues and/or travel ball we offer organized photo days and action photography in an efficient way that allow coaches and director to focus on coaching and managing.
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